At Become we celebrate diversity and strive to raise awareness on the importance of gaining multiple perspectives for stronger decisions. We are committed to leading professionalism in the recruitment industry and our D&I policy continues that leading commitment. We truly believe that business strategy of being more than just a recruitment company but a trusted advisor, partner and consultancy is only delivered with a more diverse and inclusive Become.

We look at diversity through two lenses, internal and external.


The services we deliver to our clients.

  • Every effort will be made to ensure that our clients are offered a diverse pool of candidates.

  • We commit where possible to place job postings on job boards that have a diverse reach.

  • All vacancies advertised by Become will be presented in a manner to allow all equal opportunities for all interested persons to apply.

  • We commit to request/obtain all the necessary information to provide the basis for an equitable and instructive interview and for the screening and selection of applicants.

  • Become offers every client the opportunity to work with Blind CV’s for shortlists as standard practice.

  • We commit to monitoring and training our recruiters, with yearly reviews and spot checks to ensure unconscious bias is eliminated to the best of our ability.

  • Become will carry out a review once a year comparing the gender, age and ethnic mix of the internal company and external supply to that of the population in the relevant geographical area(s).

  • Recruiters have attended D&I training sessions from LinkedIn to ensure they recruit with diversity and inclusion as a priority.


Our employees and potential employees.

  • Become recognises the importance of equal opportunity, diversity and inclusion. We supply to increasingly diverse communities and recognise and appreciate the diversity of our customers, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders.

  • No employees or potential employees of Become Recruitment will receive less favourable treatment due to their race, colour, nationality, ethnic origin, age, religion or belief, pregnancy or maternity, gender, gender reassignment, sexual orientation, marital or civil partnership status, (unless justifiable) disability.

  • We will conduct periodic monitoring of the workforce to obtain information about the representation of groups of employees throughout different grades. The information will be reviewed by the Operations Board to determine it meets business goals.

  • We will celebrate the diversity of the business and ensure everyone has a platform for a voice to contribute.

  • As a part of the Empresaria Group, we participate in annual Diversity and Inclusion surveys, ensuring Become, and all those within Empresaria, build a workplace with equal opportunity for all.