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Become Recruitment UK has partnered with Treeapp to drive sustainability

  • Publish Date: Posted 4 months ago

We're planting a tree for every permanent placement

At Become Recruitment, we are constantly striving to make a positive impact on the world around us. That's why we're excited to announce our partnership with Treeapp, an organisation committed to combatting climate change by planting trees worldwide.

Launched on World Earth Day in 2020, Treeapp has since made a huge impact, planting over 600,000 trees across Africa, the Americas, and Asia just in its first six months alone.

But the need for reforestation is urgent, as deforestation continues at an alarming rate. And the reality is, we’re losing more than just trees. Not only does deforestation lead to the loss of habitats and the extinction of tens of thousands of species worldwide, but it also destroys sources of carbon capture, soil stabilisation, and water regulation.

That's why we've made a pledge to do our part in combating this crisis. As part of our partnership with Treeapp, we are planting a tree in Tanzania for every permanent placement we make. Additionally, we're planting trees to celebrate internal milestones like anniversaries and birthdays. 

In the first three months, we planted 41 trees, resulting in:

The absorption of 4.47 tonnes of CO2 over the trees’ lifetime.

The creation of nearly a day's worth of work for local communities.

The reforestation of 65.60 square meters of land. 

Why Tanzania?

Tanzania is a country in Eastern Africa known for its two biodiversity hotspots, the Coastal Forests and the Eastern Afromontane. As woodlands still provide the main source of the country’s energy consumption, the forest cover continues to recede by approximately 1% every year, which is twice the global average.

Treeapp’s projects in Tanzania promote sustainable reforestation in order to restore fragmented habitats. Tree species planted here include the Jacaranda, the African Tulip and the Fig tree.

By partnering with Treeapp, we’re not only absorbing our future emissions but also supporting sustainable development initiatives in vulnerable regions. Together, we're proud to be making a difference for the planet and future generations.

Stay updated on our progress with our live counter widget here.