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Discover Why Recruiting During The Holidays Is Highly Beneficial
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Discover why recruiting during the holidays is highly beneficial

  • Publish Date: Posted over 1 year ago

​​The recruitment and staffing industry is usually less busy during Christmas and New Years, but aside from re-evaluating your current work situation, recruiters should also consider this period as a golden opportunity to source top talent.

This is one of the most important recruitment months of the year as most candidates are planning their future. What better gift can recruiters give than a great job? We have listed four reasons why the festive season is the perfect time to hire.

  • There are more available candidates with more free time

December is oftentimes a month when companies stop recruiting altogether. This provides businesses with a great opportunity to find talent, so why not take advantage of it? You will be able to access the entire talent pool by pushing out your roles now, without the added hassle of competing against other companies.

With all the major firms and companies closing their doors for the holidays, this is the ideal time for reflection. At the end of the year, many candidates take a look back and potentially decide to start seeking a better opportunity. December is also an easy-excuse month for employees to take time off from work. That being said, interviewing at this time is always ideal since not only do you have more time as a hiring manager, but the candidate isn't forced to interview during their current company's schedule.

  • Hire time is reduced

It’s not uncommon for the recruitment process to take longer and drag on into January, when lots of companies are recruiting. Waiting for interviews is one of the major factors that can impact time. Since candidates have less time to take off after the Christmas break and will therefore try to squeeze interviews in whenever possible, recruiting and interviewing in the festive season makes for a better option. Half a day off for holiday shopping in December is unlikely to raise suspicions so you’ll get a better chance to interview those top candidates within days of initial contact.

  • It's the perfect time for the new hire to adjust

Hiring someone in December is the best time to hire; lots of festive cheer and therefore plenty of social opportunities for new employees to get to know the company and to integrate smoothly without feeling overwhelmed. Besides the new hire being excited after landing their dream job, it will also relieve a lot of stress on the rest of the team, allowing you to train them and have them ready for that busy January time. Offering someone a job before Christmas, also makes a great present!

  • One less thing on your January to-do list

A new year brings with it a lot of work. Adding a long-winded hiring process to our already long list of responsibilities and tasks that come with a new year is never a good idea. By getting your hiring process out the way in December, you'll have more time to focus your attention on the important tasks that need to be done.

Recruiting will always be easier when you use the expertise and support of an experienced recruitment agency to help you formulate the most effective approach, regardless of what season you are in. Don’t wait and contact us today!