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How To Find A Job On Linked In & Get Recruiters To Notice You
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How to find a job on LinkedIn: Get recruiters to notice you

  • Publish Date: Posted about 2 years ago

​​Most people who take personal branding seriously already have a strong LinkedIn profile. However, even when you have the perfect profile you can remain invisible to Recruiters.

The best way to find a job using LinkedIn is to consider what a successful LinkedIn campaign is. It's not only important to have a strong profile on LinkedIn, but also to build an audience through your posting and be visible to other people and recruiters. Any less will not help you in your job search or garner you the results you desire.

LinkedIn's secret to success is to make sure recruiters can easily find you. Here's how you can do that!

Make your LinkedIn profile more current!

In order to succeed on LinkedIn, you need an impressive profile. After all, it is what expresses how valuable you will be to your employer. Recruiters will also be able to find you more easily when you have a strong, complete profile as you will show up higher on the search results!

  • Choose the perfect LinkedIn profile picture

If your profile does not have a picture, it will appear inactive in search results, so make sure you have a high-quality photo of yourself. Take no blatant selfies or group photos (even if everyone else is cropped out). You can always count on graduation pictures, but don't make your photo too formal either. The most important thing is to smile and look approachable! It's about making yourself look like someone worth working with.

  • Highlight your experience and expertise

Consider your LinkedIn profile summary to be your elevator pitch. You can use this space to sum up your professional journey and to express what motivates you about your current position, or even what you are looking for in a new one. Try to use key words, so that your profile appears in the search easier. You can showcase your best work in the Featured section as well. As an example, you can share a piece of writing you've done or you can even share external media such as documents, images, and links. Think of it as a mini portfolio.

  • Showcase your skills

By highlighting your skills, you can make yourself stand out to recruiters who can easily determine the type of role you would be best suited for. Consider LinkedIn as your mini resume. You can also ask for endorsements from your connections. As soon as they do, their name and picture will appear next to your skills on your profile.

  • Post your successes on LinkedIn

You might not be comfortable bragging about your accomplishments, but LinkedIn is all about selling yourself. Next time you achieve something, whether you receive an award, complete a successful project or get high marks in an assignment update your status by writing a post to share what you have done. It's fine to mention both your successes and your failures along the way - don't be afraid to talk about the bad, too. Just make sure you explain how you overcame it.

  • Inform people that you are available to work

LinkedIn makes it easy to tell recruiters and your network you are interested in new job opportunities when you are looking for a job. Download the “Open to Work” feature, a simple green photo frame that sits on your profile picture. As a result, recruiters will be able to see your profile and, based on your photo, will be more inclined to take a look!

What is the best way to get recruiters to notice you on LinkedIn?

Be proactive to attract recruiters' attention! Make yourself accessible to them rather than waiting for them to contact you. Take the initiative to find out who they are and get in touch. You might want to add a personal note and send them a connection request. Consider, as an example, asking them a question about the company they work for or complimenting them on one of their articles. The important thing is to start a conversation with them to ensure you are remembered by them.