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Life at Become

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 3 years ago
  • Author:by Steph Crotty

​I started at Become in January in the midst of a global pandemic and I was onboarded remotely.

I was supported greatly through this process, my team helped me with any questions I had and I was given really thorough training. They were all patience, kind and really encouraging to me.

The one thing that I personally love about Become is that they don’t micromanage you and watch over your shoulder. Recruitment agencies can sometimes have that type of environment, and that’s not something that I personally thrive in. The management trust that you are working hard, and are on hand if you have any questions. The team are incredibly nurturing and they praise you on all your mini wins!

They have a really great culture and hold really fantastic workshops like Diversity and Inclusion and Mental Health awareness. They have great incentives and make BD calling actually fun! They also encourage you to take your hour in which you finish an hour earlier than normal to take time to do your own thing, it really promotes a great work life balance.

I would consider Become more like a family than work colleagues. I have only been here for six months but I feel like I have been here years. I have seen myself grow as a consultant from their constant nurturing and support. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.