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Become - 12 Days of Christmas Recruitment Tips

  • Publish Date: Posted over 4 years ago
  • Author:by Antonia Naylor

This year Become Recruitment's expert consultants banded together to provide a list of their best tips for the festive period and posted them on social media for each of the first 12 days of December. Just in case you missed out on them, here they are: 

Day 1: 
Become's 12 Days of Christmas Recruitment Tips begins with Jonny Duke from our Sydney office. Jonny said: "Now is a great time of year for all creatives to update their folio of work, with exciting new case studies from 2019."

Day 2: 
Day 2 of Become's 12 Days of Christmas Recruitment Tips turns to Mitch King from our Melbourne office. Mitch's top tip is: "Be proactive in your approaches to companies before Christmas so that you might be an early candidate for roles instead of part of the pack in January". 

Day 3:
Justin Moore, our Manchester Business Manager, provides Day 3 of Become's 12 Days of Christmas Recruitment tips, saying: "The majority of people start looking for new careers in the New Year – so avoid the competition and start looking before the Christmas period!"

Day 4: 
Day 4 of Become's 12 Days of Christmas Recruitment tips look to Melbourne's Amelia Ray: "Twiddling your thumbs counting down to Christmas… and your next job? Utilise the silly season by networking, updating your CV and knowing where you want to be in 2020". 

Day 5: 
Become Manchester's Ruby Singh-Banham provides her tip for Day 5 for our 12 Days of Christmas Recruitment Tips. She said: Job hunting can be time-consuming, so make the most of any spare time you have over the festive break. It's a great time to search for jobs, prepare your applications and perfect your interview skills!

Day 6: 
Day 6 of Become's 12 Days of Christmas Recruitment Tips turns to Luke Cranswick from our Sydney office. He said: "Just because Hiring Managers are winding down for the silly season, it doesn't mean the jobs aren't still there. This is the time to get ahead of the competition by putting yourself out there while the others are putting the job search off till the New Year!"

Day 7: 
Become's 12 Days of Christmas Recruitment tips looks over to our Hong Kong office for Day 7, where Helios has provided her top tip for the day: "There will be many job vacancies popping up after the holidays, so be sure to polish your resume in your free time!"

Day 8: 
Auckland's Jane Simich gives us Day 8 of Become's 12 Days of Christmas Recruitment Tips. Jane said: "Use the holiday break to unwind, refocus, set clear specific goals for the new year both personal and professional. Take this time to reflect and identify your direction then write down the necessary steps to get here. Take advantage of the smaller workload to do some introspection so you can apply for the jobs that align. Send holiday cards to networking contacts who could help you in your job search – it's an easy way to remain front of mind."

Day 9: 
Day 9 of Become's 12 Days of Christmas Recruitment Tips look to London's Tom Edwards for today's top tip, he said: "Take advantage of the Party Season, by attending seasonal networking events."

Day 10: 
Become's 12 Days of Christmas Recruitment Tips reaches Day 10 with Sydney’s Lauren Denny. Her top tip is: "Holiday season provides ample time to catch up with your industry mentors and plan your career growth for the new year!"

Day 11: 
Day 11 of Become's 12 Days of Christmas Recruitment Tips returns to the London office with David Merryweather. His top tip is: "Keep going! While the temptation is high to put things off until the New Year, many companies still interview and make hires right up until Christmas, and through the holidays. This is a great time to keep pushing and to get their attention."

Day 12: 
The 12th and Final Day of Become's Christmas Recruitment Tips visit Georgia Hart in Melbourne. Georgia said: Unsure if you're in the right job for 2020? Don't wait! Start applying for jobs now and beat the crowd who are putting off the job hunt until the new year.

Use these tips to make the most of your time off this Christmas, and to prepare for the year ahead. If you're looking for a new job ready for the new year, check out our job search and see if your perfect role is already waiting.