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Making Success of Freelance

  • Publish Date: Posted over 4 years ago
  • Author:by Kim Leavy

Hi, I am Kim, and I head up the freelance desk here at become, Manchester!​

I have been with the company for 13 years now. Some of this time was spent on reception, admin and candidate resourcing.

My colleague Ruby, who sits alongside me on the freelance team has worked in all areas of the team here too.

Currently, we are in one of our busiest seasons of the years. As soon as people start taking summer holidays, our clients require some short term cover. So Fridays can be hectic! But thankfully we have a fantastic team of freelancers to turn to. They are the lifeblood of our freelance desk here! We deal with freelancers from a variety of backgrounds with a spectrum of skill sets. Everything from Artworkers, Retouchers and Designers through to Digital creatives, Motion Graphics specialists, Copywriters and Client Services Managers!   

We have worked hard over the years, to build a trusted network of skilled freelancers. And my favourite part of the job is getting the opportunity to celebrate their success each year at our Freelance Xmas party!

benefits to freelance

  • You could spend your week potentially at three different agencies/studios

  • You have lots of flexibility 

  • You can choose when you would like to work and tell us when and where to take time off e.g. for holidays

  • Opportunity to see and experience different studios and environments 

  • Stops from getting too stale going to the same place every day

  • Lots of variety of work 

  • You get to meet lots of new people

  • Exposure to different agencies and different approaches to how each agency works

  • Freelance rate is generally higher paid than full-time positions so if you're consistently working, you could earn a lot 

  • When you're hired as a Freelancer, your job is to get the work done; when working late, you will be paid the extra hours you put in 

  • Temp leads to perm role. Try before you buy!

  • You don’t have to deal with office drama and no office politics as a freelancer! 

our top tips

  • Having self-discipline is really important - be prepared for when you don't have work available 

  • As a Freelancer, you're not always guaranteed work, so remember to save up money on the side for when work quietens and remember there is no sick pay or holiday pay

  • Location may be a bit further away. Be open-minded. Show passion!

  • Your attitude is important. Roll up your sleeves and be prepared to work your all when you go in

  • Build your network, reputation, your own business and lasting relationships 

  • The market can become quiet. No guarantees of work. A 6-week booking can sometimes be reduced to one week.

  • You need a certain mindset to be a good freelancer, you don’t always get recognition for the work you do, or given any credit. You might have to sign an NDA which means you can't show the work.

  • Building your network and staying in touch with your recruiter. Your job is to keep us  updated on your availability and ensure we have you on the top of mind

A few words from our freelancers themselves

"After several years working in London, I recently made the move back to Manchester and I can’t speak highly enough of Become. I’ve always got a constant stream of work, and each client has always been a really good fit for me. Would recommend making become the first point of contact to anyone in our industry – they are an absolute pleasure to work with" Paul, freelancing through us since 2018

"Having worked for Become off and on for over 10 years I can honestly say that there have never been any problems. They work with some great agencies and they always make sure you are the right fit for the freelance job. Great opportunities, great people to deal with and you get paid within 7 days - perfect!"
Steve, freelancing through us since 2010

"I am a graphic designer with over 20 years of industry experience, and I have spent nearly 8 years as a freelancer with Become.
Become are brilliant to work with, and have continuously helped me get excellent appointments with prestigious clients. I have developed close relationships with many of the staff, all of whom are so helpful and a pleasure to deal with.
My experience has been nothing but positive, with everything running smoothly and professionally, and I would recommend Become every time."
Colin, freelancing through us since 2011

"Become have been there for me during my freelance career from day 1. When I made the move from London over 3 years ago to become a freelancer I didn't have many connections in the North. Become helped massively by introducing me into the freelance world and have given me great advice and encouragement the entire time. 
Kim and her team are great to work with and really efficient. I have been on the books/worked with other freelance agencies here and there, but Become has always been my favourite as I feel they are way ahead in regards to personality, clients and professionalism.
They also throw us a Christmas party which is great because as freelancers, we don't usually get one!"
Jade, freelancing through us since 2015

"Become have always been supportive as they can of my freelance Creative Artwork and Design career and I have made many useful contacts in the industry via them.
Additionally, they are lovely people to deal with, always ready for a chat if needed and throw a really good Xmas party every year for freelancers to show appreciation. Highly recommended."
Jon, freelancing through us since 2014

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