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We're All Working for You

  • Publish Date: Posted about 5 years ago
  • Author:by Martin King

We’re all working for you.

Every recruitment agency talks about their ‘unique selling points’ but often they are not as unique as they seem. At become however, we really do think we are.

The freelance team all share the same goal; to help as many of you as we can each week. Now that might not sound that distinctive, but the philosophy behind our team is. Instead of working to individual targets, we work as a team to reach our goal, and that truly is unique. This means we all want each other to succeed because we all want the team to succeed. This also means that you can speak to any of us when you call in. We all check each other’s emails, know each other’s clients and speak to each other’s freelancers.

If you call for Kirsty and she isn’t available, then talk to Ali. If it’s Martin you’re after and he’s not around, talk to Tom. It’s as simple as that. Because here at  become, we’re all working for you. It’s collaboration at its best and it’s been the driving force of our success over the last 22 years.

You can contact Martin, Kirsty, Tom or Ali on 020 7240 0088 with any freelance request you might have, to let us know you are free for work, or you want to register to freelance with us.

All for one and one for all since 1997.

These illustrations and animation were created by the very awesome Dan Burke, check out his work here.