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Trending in 2019 - What to Watch Out for in the Digital Industry

  • Publish Date: Posted over 5 years ago
  • Author:by Jason Taylor

As we begin a new year we’ve listed our 2019 trend predictions to watch out for this year from the newest and biggest apps to Google search.   

Voice Search & Virtual Assistants

One of the biggest trends to look out for over the next year is voice search. While voice search is by no means brand spanking new, we think it will be one of the biggest growers of 2019 in terms of digital trends. Comscore predict that voice search will account for nearly half of all searches in the UK by 2020 and that there will be a significant increase in the adoption of virtual assistants into everyday life.  Move aside Siri, there are now many different technologies which are being integrated into our day to day life that include virtual assisted reality which search the internet to answer all your questions. 

Her answer "hmm, I'm not sure".

We look forward to seeing if the shifts in voice search and virtual assistants will create a new wave of job titles in industry. Head of Voice Search Optimization maybe?  

On the down?

Despite much anticipation, many pros in the digital industry also predict that virtual reality will stagnate during 2019. Lack of demand and compatibility along with the high costs are behind the anticipation of VR’s decline.

But what will be the must-have app of 2019?


A must download is TikTok – a possible substitute for Vine and rival to IGTV, TikTok is a short-form video app where users are encouraged to capture and present the world’s creativity and knowledge as well as life’s precious moments directly through their mobile phones. TikTok enables everyone to be a creator and express their passions through videos. Give it a go and let us know what you think. 


According to Buffer's latest stats WeChat is the 5th largest social media platform in the world… wait you’re not on it? WeChat is a multi-purpose social media platform where users can do just about anything; from playing games, sending money, making video calls, ordering food, booking a doctor’s appointment and so much more. While it’s practically unheard of in the UK and Australia, it has had great success in China, with only 70 million of its 600 million users being outside of China. It has become an integral part of daily life for many of these users as you can do so much without having to leave the app. If you consider yourself an early adopter and you’re not using WeChat already, it might be time to join before it's "soooo 2019".


Think Instagram is peaking? Then Vero could be for you. Yes, it’s another Instagram rival but it’s beauty lies in being completely algorithm and advert free (for now at least). Vero is advertising itself as the only “authentic” social media channel. 


Houseparty is a live group video chat platform that allows you to connect with up to 8 contacts saved in your phone at any one time. It's similar to Google Hangouts, the most popular app of this kind currently, however with Houseparty you don’t have to request to join a chat, you simply log in and are automatically connected to chat with anyone you’re connected to. 

Here at become, we are always watching eagerly for emerging trends in the digital industry and we are so excited for the year to come. Have your influence in the digital industry by checking out our latest digital jobs.