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Our recent findings uncovered that 56% of our surveyed UK candidates in the creative industry are actively seeking new roles. What's driving this movement? While many expressed satisfaction with their current salaries, 41% are dissatisfied and it's evident that individuals have additional priorities beyond monetary compensation. Factors such as a lack of promotional opportunities, poor management, and an uncompetitive salary top the list.

In the rapidly changing job market, staying informed is key. As well as salary benchmarks, our new guide captures recent survey data and expert insights, exploring the trends shaping candidate priorities, workforce dynamics, and talent acquisition in 2024. Get our free guide today.

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Key influences on today's job market: Gain insights from our recent candidate survey to understand the key factors impacting today's job landscape.

Expert perspectives on employment trends: Benefit from valuable insights shared by our UK recruitment experts, offering a retrospective look at employment trends from the last year, preparing you for 2024.

Sector-specific salary data: Explore salary information across various sectors to benchmark and determine competitive compensation.

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