Events Designers (Vectorworks) Freelance

The become freelance team are looking for Events / Experiential / Live Engagement Designers to add to our talent pool.

We have several clients that are looking for talented events designers who can use Vectorworks and C4D skills.

Some of our clients are looking for experiential designers who can can be provide visual solutions to existing concepts and turn those ideas into a slick 3D visuals from architectural CAD drawings.

Other clients need Conceptual Events Designers who can think and design in the 3D space and provide exciting and innovative solutions in an increasingly competitive sector.

Essential software includes: Vectorworks, C4D, Photoshop, Adobe CC. An understanding of taking CAD files and creating 3D visuals from them would be an advantage.

If you would like to register with become and gain the opportunity to work for our clients both agency and in-house then please get in contact today.