Alistair Kirkby

Freelance Recruitment Consultant - London

Hi, I'm Ali. Coming from a creative background in copywriting I fell into the old recruitment game almost entirely by accident and now I can't see myself looking back any time soon. Starting out with Become as a talent resourcer I’m now sitting proudly on the freelance team and revelling in the fast-pace and constant challenge of the sector.

I am responsible for finding and placing the ever-elusive freelance candidates that perfectly match the criteria of our gloriously selective clients. Buy me a pint and a sandwich and I may just convince the client that you are the perfect candidate.

Likes:Cheese, Sandwiches, Cheese Sandwiches, pretty much anything that will cause me and the people around me to have a good ol' chuckle.

Dislikes:Tuna, Westlife, and the horrifying realisation that hangovers are never going to get any easier.