Molly Hentges

Copywriters: What skills do agencies want?

Obtaining a copywriting position can be difficult, due to the competitive nature of the field. Self-reflecting on your copywriting skills will give you an exponential advantage against other copywriters. Through focusing on perfecting the skills we share below; you will be prepared to take the next step in your copywriting career.


1. Refine your technical writing skills

The first skill that is required of copywriters is quite self-explanatory, nevertheless it needs to be stated. As a copywriter, you need to know how to write correctly. Mastering sentence structure, grammar and vocabulary is not merely a suggestion, it is a requirement.

Refined writing skills reflect the brand’s credibility. Suppose you master every other copywriting skill, making simple grammar mistakes will cause the reader to question your brand’s trustworthiness and professionalism.

Even though there are many tools that can assist in perfecting copy, it is still critical that you have a deep understanding of how to correctly use sentence structure, grammar and vocabulary. For that reason, many would argue that refined writing skills are the most important for copywriters to master.


2. Be clear and concise

To become a successful copywriter, you also need to know how to write easy-to-read copy, create compelling stories, how to keep readers engaged and understand how to adapt to the audience you are writing for.

To achieve all of those simultaneously, your copy needs to be clear and concise. Not many people have the time to read long lengths of copy. Your audience will lose interest if the copy is too long!

One way to achieve a simplified, clear and concise piece of content is to write the first draft containing all of the ideas you can think of. After that, go back through the content and delete everything that isn’t easily understood or anything that doesn’t add value to the concept.


3. Research

Your content will only be as effective as the depth of knowledge you obtain on the subject. Before you even start working on a new piece of content make sure you thoroughly understand the topic, the intended audience and your argument. The more comprehensively you research for you next project, the more effective the copy will be.

Finding information on the subject is easy, it is just a Google away. However, using those insights in your content to build an argument can be difficult. The key to perfecting your copywriting skills is to use the research to your advantage. Let your research do the work for you.


4. Remain creative and curious

To excel in the field of copywriting, you need to learn how to turn bland topics into flavourful content. Continuously producing inspiring copy is the result of always reverting back to being creative and curious.

One trick to enhancing your creativity and curiosity when working on an assignment is to ask yourself “who, what, when, where, why and how?” By asking yourself those questions, you trick yourself into being curious, even if the topic isn’t necessarily exciting.

Learning how to remain curious and creative is often overlooked because those skills are usually seen as innate. However, they are skills that constantly need attention to remain active. Your copy will be positively impacted by constantly learning and expressing your creativity.

Treat every project like an opportunity to learn more, express yourself and get better, because it is!


5. Recycle

A large portion of copywriting is recycling old content. It’s okay to not have every piece of content you create come from an original thought, in fact it is near on impossible with the seemingly endless content already out there. However, you need to be able to see an old idea and put a new spin on it to make it your own.

The most sought-after copywriters are those who are always willing to learn and who are continuously refining their skills, but remember, we are always on hand to help!


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